About Fiberguide

For more than three decades Fiberguide Industries has been a reliable, long-term, strategic partner with OEM manufacturers in providing efficient, cost-effective, practical fiber optic solutions engineered to meet their specific needs. We specialize in manufacturing large core specialty optical fiber, high temperature metalized optical fibers, and we package these fibers in a variety of assemblies / bundles used for optical power delivery and optical sensing applications.

With Corporate headquarters and fiber manufacturing located in Stirling, New Jersey; applications engineering, component, and assembly manufacturing in Caldwell, Idaho; as well as a sales office and manufacturing in Shanghai, China; Fiberguide Industries is well positioned to serve the needs of our global customers.

Fiberguide is one of over forty high tech companies owned by Halma that manufacture products for hazard detection and life protection. Headquartered in Amersham, England and publically traded on the London Stock Exchange, Halma is a market leader in electronic, safety and environmental technologies. Fiberguide is part of the Photonics Division which includes Ocean Optics, PixelTeq, Labsphere and AVO Photonics. Please click on the logos below to explore our parent and sister companies.

Fiberguide History

1977:  Fiberguide was founded in New Jersey as a specialty optical fiber manufacturer focused on corporate, government, and university research customers involved in cutting edge nuclear, medical, industrial, and energy developments that required non-standard fibers and fibers with a variety of specialized coatings. As customer needs expanded, Fiberguide started providing finished optical assemblies in addition to bulk fiber.

1988: The increased demand for assembly work led to the acquisition of Highlight Fiber Optics, a highly talented fiber optic packaging company based in Caldwell, Idaho. With in-house assembly capabilities, Fiberguide was able to push the limits of optical assembly, and develop solutions for higher temperatures, high optical power, vacuum sealing, and precision multifiber alignment.

1990’s: Fiberguide developed and patented a process to produce extremely accurate two-dimensional optical arrays for three-dimensional optical switching used in telecom networks. Global demand for this product fueled rapid growth and established Fiberguide as a leader in high precision optical manufacturing.

2008: Fiberguide was acquired by Halma in 2008 to expand its Photonics Division, and the new ownership provided better access to capital and resources to allow Fiberguide to invest heavily in research and development and operational advances. Following the acquisition, Fiberguide experienced some of our strongest growth years and continued to diversify our customer base.

Present: Today, Fiberguide is an innovative partner to our growing OEM customer base providing a variety of photonics solutions. Please explore our web-site to learn more about our capabilities.


Fiberguide’s manufacturing footprint includes our fiber draw facility in Stirling, NJ, our machining and assembly facility in Caldwell, ID, and our assembly facility in Shanghai, China. Combined, these facilities are over 50,000 square feet and they allow us to acheive our goal of cost-efficient vertical integration as well as build products in the home markets of our customers.

Fiber Draw – Stirling, New Jersey

  • Four optical fiber draw towers with a combined capacity of 150km / day
  • Single Mode and Multimode fibers core sizes ranging from 9μm to 2000μm
  • Coatings:Acrylate, Polyimide, Nylon, Tefzel, Aluminum, and Gold
  • We produce over 500 different specialty optical fiber and capillary part numbers
  • We stock the most common products for quick delivery
  • All fibers are 100% proof tested in four-axes
  • Spectral & loss measurement capabilities
  • Tensile & dynamic bend testing capabilities

Machining & Assembly – Caldwell, Idaho

  • State of the art CNC Machining Center for production components
  • Micromachining expertise
  • Manual milling and turning machinery for low volum or prototype components
  • Lean manufacturing layout with flow lines for similar product types
  • Clean areas and flow hoods for particle free assembly
  • Laser polishing capability
  • Prototype line for development and experimental products
  • Optical testing: include beam profiling, transmission, return loss, fiber position
  • Mechanical testing: dimensional analysis, surface quality & finish, surface profile, concentricity
  • Environmental Testing: humidity, vacuum, temperature cycling & storage

Assembly – Shanghai, China

  • This facility was established in 2012 as part of our “In China, For China” strategy
  • We stock and ship bulk optical fiber to our Chinese customer base from this facility to eliminate the transit / customs delays associated with importing fiber from the US
  • We manufacture cable assemblies here for our Chinese customers, we do not currently export product from this facility

Quality Management System

Fiberguide Industries is committed to excellence in product performance, reliability and quality. We are an FDA registered facility. Our Quality Management System, certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 has been developed as part of this commitment. It offers a comprehensive overview of our corporate practices that are meant to ensure consistent delivery of product that meets the expectations of our customers, and provides for continuous improvement within all critical business and operational systems.

Careers at Fiberguide

Fiberguide offers a challenging, team oriented environment developed through collaboration and close working relationships. We are seeking energetic, self-motivated, team-oriented individuals focused on success through hard work. Candidates should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and should be successful team players with a desire to be strong contributors and grow in a demanding environment. As positions become available, we will post them here. Please check back with us often. For more information about careers at Fiberguide or to submit your resume and cover letter, please e-mail: info@fiberguide.com

Current Job Postings

Key Relationships Reports to: Process Engineering Manager Relates to/coordinates with: Internal:  Operations Manager, Production Manager, Production Supervisors, Applications Engineers, Supply Chain Personnel, Drafting, Machinists, Team...
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