Spurred by demand in the high power laser market for high temperature end capped assemblies, engineers at Fiberguide Industries have developed an innovative line of fiber optic end caps that prove superior to similar competing and legacy products. These assemblies are manufactured by fusion splicing, or laser fusing short lengths of material to the fiber end face. This includes creating collimator to allow expansion of high power fiber laser beams, reducing the power density at the air/silica interface, and protecting structured fibers against environmental ingress.

Our method of laser processing enables clean cleavage of the large core fibers, eliminating the hackle and chips observed with mechanical scribing techniques. After splicing, the end caps are ready to be laser cleaved to the final protrusion (length), angle, and orientation (i.e. stress rods) specifications. The energy density at the output end of a fiber laser can be markedly high. In order to meet the rigors of extreme heat, we’ve integrated gold coated fibers that raise temperature resistance to 500C, while the addition of a lens to the end cap allows for lensing into the fiber core. The advanced end cap provides operators with controlled divergence and management of high density energy.







Fiberguide’s end capped fiber optic assemblies distinguish themselves by achieving higher coupled power into a fiber core. This is accomplished by reducing the power density at the air/ silica interface, which is commonly the point of laser damage. We’ve developed a proprietary laser polishing process that minimizes surface imperfections and maximizes power handling. High Power SMA and D-80 compatible connector options offer superior thermal management while minimizing connector stress for NA conservation. In addition, an epoxy free cantilevered nose design reduces laser and heat damage to surrounding materials.

Engineers designed Fiberguide’s end capped assemblies to deliver reliable performance in higher temperature situations. The assemblies contain a power handling capacity of up to 3 kW, depending on fiber size and laser specifications. End cap diameters and lengths are offered in select numerical apertures and fiber core sizes. They are easily customizable for use with a range of fiber types and specialized applications. Sheathing options include PVC coated stainless steel monocoil, and bare stainless steel monocoil. Shaped end cap tips can be tailored to specific laser launch conditions and applications.

Fiberguide has mastered the “Art of Fiberoptics” by developing efficient, cost-effective, and practical fiber optic solutions to OEMs. Click here to learn more about the features and benefits of our cutting-edge fiber optic end cap assemblies.


Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing