In today’s fast-paced culture, both consumers and businesses have come to expect greater convenience and quicker access than ever before to products and services. Everything from personal transportation, to fresh produce, to dog walking is now available on-demand. In this environment, all types of businesses must fully embrace the digital e-commerce model or be left behind.


While the basic method for online consumer sales has become fairly well set with the use of scheduling, ordering, and customization software, the procedure for purchasing products aimed at industrial, commercial, and R&D use has not been honed to the same level of speed and convenience.


Fiberguide has recently launched an Amazon store featuring its standard fiber optic products, including the AFS, SFS, and ASI product lines in 5-, 25-, 50- and 100-meter spools. Offerings will soon be expanded to include assemblies, arrays, collimators, and more.


Through the storefront, customers can quickly and efficiently order coated fibers in a range of sizes and types, track the shipment, and receive it at their door within days. Each product is covered by Amazon’s return policies, and additionally guaranteed by Fiberguide under a 3-month warranty.


Customers looking to order fiber optic cables from Fiberguide have already benefited from the efficiency of the new Amazon store. With multiple shipping options, including Prime, protective packaging, and quick payment processing, customers can receive their order in just a few days. Customers can read buyer reviews and quickly navigate the store to find desired products. Currently, purchases are only available in the U.S., but the store is in the process of expanding to international markets.


The new Fiberguide Amazon store makes purchasing high-quality optical fibers faster and simpler than ever before.


To purchase world-class Fiberguide specialty fiber optic products, visit the new Amazon store today.

Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing