At a large bend in the Huangpu River on the eastern coast of China, there is a very famous pair of photographs taken nearly 20 years apart. The first picture shows the rusty colored northern section of the Bund in Shanghai circa 1990. The second photo, taken from the same spot in 2010, reveals a startlingly different picture: a sprawling metropolis of brilliant LED billboards and skyscrapers transforming the area into a 21st century megacity.

This is only one example of the impact of recent global economic growth. Across the world, a variety of nation states, businesses, and individuals are leveraging technology to expand their reach. While it’s a truly exciting time, the explosion of the international market has forced many companies to make tough decisions about the manufacturing and distribution of their products.

To cut labor and regulation expenses, many companies maintain an American address or P.O. box, but build and assemble all inventory overseas. This approach is tempting because of the reduced costs, but there are tradeoffs. Outsourcing 100% of manufacturing can increase lead times and complicate the quality control process.

As Senior Business Analyst at Apriso, Milosz Majta, notes: “When a company’s operations are under its own control, there are fewer moving parts. As a result, the company has greater access to information. In this type of scenario, it is much easier to identify, quantify, prioritize and mitigate risk for better decision making.”[1]

That’s why we made the conscious decision to design and manufacture all of our optical fiber in the United States. Fiberguide has two facilities: Stirling, New Jersey and Caldwell, Idaho – with over 110 employees between them. Our commitment to better products and process has allowed us to support the local economy and create jobs. 

As overseas markets have matured, the demand for our products has become international. Therefore, we now manufacture some select products for the Chinese market in China. Unlike many companies, we do not outsource. Products made in China are for the China market, and products for the U.S. market are made in the U.S. It is a subtle distinction, but we at Fiberguide are proud of our choice to support the local American economy while at the same time growing into new markets.

Optical fiber is a key component of telecommunications, security, power transmission, and dozens of other systems. The global market for optical fiber is massive and shows no signs of shrinking. We are proud to support a variety of important international projects that are taking place.

While we do maintain an international presence to support our incredible global customers, we continue to innovate and create domestically. This allows us to support projects in the USA extremely swiftly. We have regional business development managers who are trained to quickly answer any questions you may have.

We at Fiberguide are a team of innovators who strive to create the best products available. Whether it’s a computer network in China, or a university in New York, Fiberguide is prepared to figure out a solution and deliver top notch results. To learn more about how we can support your project, visit



Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing