Fiberguide has enjoyed an ongoing demand for its high quality and innovative specialty fiber optic arrays and array assemblies. As the demand has increased, we have recognized the need to expand and improve our capacity for rapid prototyping, and we have upgraded cleanroom operations.


In order to offer our clientele improved capacity and quality, we have increased both our workforce and the amount of operational workspace.


The resulting expansion adds 19,000 square feet of floor space, creating 28,000 square feet of room for new innovation at our Caldwell, Idaho, manufacturing facility.


Rapid prototyping and larger production space


An upsurge in the use of fiber optics in medical procedures, such as laser surgeries and other applications in optical-sensing and optical-power delivery, has increased the demand for Fiberguide products. The company recognized the opportunity to provide customers with more rapid prototyping and greater production capability, and accepted the challenge to build its capacity.


Fiberguide creates its specialty optical fiber at the company’s Stirling, New Jersey, draw tower facility and ships it to Caldwell, where it is transformed into complex, high-precision assemblies for a range of applications.


The expanded Caldwell facility houses a specialized cleanroom space and a new prototyping area, as well as more space for additional equipment and production lines of up to 100 meters long for large array assemblies.


Energy efficient lighting


The new facility was built to meet green standards and uses 100 percent LED lighting for energy efficiency. It required a large capital investment in order to complete construction within approximately six months.


Fiberguide can now meet our customers’ product demands with improved capabilities for longer fiber array assemblies and an expanded and upgraded cleanroom space. Engineers and OEM manufacturers now receive higher quality and faster deliveries, along with a dedicated prototyping space and lowered facility space costs.


As a result of expanding the facility, Fiberguide can continue to develop even more innovative products, such as our newly released RARe Motheye fiber, which makes fiber arrays that are easier to clean and allows higher power delivery for a range of applications.


Improved quality and increased capacity


With increasing demand for Fiberguide products, the expanded Caldwell workspace has improved both its product quality and its total manufacturing capacity.


Fiberguide’s enlarged floor space now includes a bigger cleanroom, separate prototyping area, and a longer production line. Our valued customers can now expect higher quality and a greater capacity to meet their demands for innovation and a wider range of fiber optic arrays.


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Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing