Fiberguide is celebrating forty years of service and growth around the world. For four decades Fiberguide has been a reliable, long-term, strategic partner with OEM manufacturers in providing efficient, cost-effective, practical fiber optic solutions engineered to meet their specific needs. Fiberguide manufactures large core specialty optical fibers and bundles them for use in optical power delivery and optical sensing applications.

As part of Fiberguide’s nationwide and global growth initiatives, our company has expanded over the years to include three thriving locations, both nationally and overseas, each serving specific purposes and offering strong services in its niche.

In 1977, Ted Rich founded Fiberguide in New Jersey as a specialty optical fiber manufacturer that specialized in government, corporate, and university research. Customers’ interests were in innovative nuclear, medical, industrial, and energy developments that required both non-standard fibers and/or various specially coated fibers. Stirling, New Jersey’s site now houses Fiberguide’s corporate headquarters and fiber manufacturing services. The location contains four optical fiber draw towers and a combined capacity of 150 km/day. This site produces over 500 different specialty optic fiber and capillary part numbers, including single mode and multimode fibers core sizes from 9μm to 2000μm. All fibers are 100% proof tested in four-axes. In addition, Fiberguide offers spectral and loss measurement, and tensile and dynamic bend testing capabilities.

Quickly, Fiberguide started providing finished optical assemblies in addition to bulk fiber.  As demand grew, Fiberguide used a subcontractor led by Jon Sherman in Idaho, Highlight Fiber Optics.   The companies merged in 1988 understanding that they would be stronger together. New in-house assembly capabilities meant further innovation and experimentation with optical assembly, and the development of solutions for higher temperatures, high optical power, vacuum sealing, and precision multifiber alignment. The opening of the Caldwell, Idaho site with its state of the art CNC Machining Center, marked a tremendous point of expansion for Fiberguide. It focuses on applications engineering, components, and assembly manufacturing. The location also handles manual milling and turning machinery for low volume or prototype components. The Caldwell site performs optical, mechanical, and environmental testing.

The 1990’s saw a global demand for Fiberguide products. Fiberguide developed and patented a process to produce extremely accurate two-dimensional optical arrays for three-dimensional optical switching used in telecom networks. Global interest meant rapid growth, which firmly positioned Fiberguide as a leader in high precision optical manufacturing.

The arrival of the new millennium brought exponential growth for Fiberguide. The company was acquired by Halma in 2008 to expand its Photonics Division. The growing access to capital and resources resulted in more significant investment in research and development, as well as operational advances. The new era saw a flurry of growth and customer base diversification for the company.

Pushing forward globally, a China sales office was established in 2010 and manufacturing followed suit in 2012 in Shanghai. As part of the company’s “In China, For China” strategy, this location manufactures, stocks and ships products to our Chinese customers, reducing transport and customs complications.  While Fiberguide has a strong network of distributors globally, the Shanghai expansion marked the beginning of an expanded international direct presence with a plan for more to come.

Fiberguide’s strong presence in the United States and overseas has prepared them to serve global consumers and corporations. Fiberguide’s longevity and reliability are their greatest strengths, as they hold a long history of growth and commitment to quality.









Four decades after its start, Fiberguide remains a strong innovative partner to its growing OEM customer base, providing a variety of photonics solutions. Visit us at to learn more about our capabilities.

Author: GlobalizeMe Dev