Innovation is the engine that drives technological advancement. It goes beyond merely launching new products, to developing exciting breakthroughs in functions, logistics, business models, and processes.[1] Companies that foster a culture of innovation position themselves to lead and thrive in the future. This year’s biennial Halma Innovation and Technology Expo (HITE) was held in San Diego, this past April. The forum served as an opportunity to discuss sweeping changes occurring in clean air, clean water, food safety, and clean energy. Event-goers were asked the question: how can Halma businesses have a positive impact on these trends in the future?


Fiberguide is already developing innovations to meet today’s trending challenges. Fiberguide teamed up with Ocean Optics harnessing our combined knowledge, talent, and technology. We developed an spectroscopic system for detecting counterfeit banknotes in China. Ocean Optics delivered a spectrometer with Fiberguide’s fiber optic cable assemblies to form a 53-channel color-detection system that ensures consistency of the anti-counterfeiting strip from note to note with their ultra-rapid online measuring platform. And it was designed in as few as four months. The system has been successfully used by the China Banknote Corporation for quality control since May 2016.[2]


The partnership between Fiberguide and Ocean Optics proved to be a winning and inspiring combination, garnering the two companies the award for Best Collaboration at the Halma Innovation Awards presented at HITE. The prize recognizes an achievement in a joint project between two or more Halma businesses. Fiberguide also walked away with awards for Highest Percentage of Sales from New Products (includes all products launched in the last three years) and Sector Company of the Year.


Fiberguide credits its innovative spirit to its people, who work closely with universities and Corporate Research Centers to help solve tough challenges. A diverse customer base drives us to continually seek creative and unprecedented solutions. Innovation requires our team members to be receptive to different, perhaps even unorthodox ideas from various disciplines. By assembling a community with the skills, temperament, and psychology for innovation, we’ve cultivated an environment where novel approaches can flourish. These awards serve as a testament to a company culture that places innovation front and center.


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Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing