The laser industry has been moving toward lasers with higher power and better beam quality and shorter pulse lengths. These attributes are increasingly important for many industrial and scientific applications. To meet high power and quality demands, the fiber optic industry will need major innovations in anti-reflective technology. Fiberguide, an industry leader in fiber optics, has a patented and proprietary fiber optic cable with anti-reflective properties to address this need.

There are several applications in which high power lasers are already essential, like medical devices, digital projection systems, laser cutting and engraving machines, , and high energy spectroscopy. Most current fiber optic technology available for this market uses anti-reflective thin film coatings. Unfortunately, these coatings are soft and easily damaged, and have narrow wavelength bands.

Fiberguide has created a revolutionary product for the high-power laser industry called the RARe Motheye Fiber. This fiber optic cable is created using a unique process of randomized plasma etching to create nanostructures on the fiber surface. This rigorous process results in fiber optic cables with anti-reflective properties. Additionally, RARe Motheye fiber optic cables have superior wavelength range, durability, and damage thresholds when compared with commonly used anti-reflective thin-film surfaces.

Features include the following:

  • Formed from the base material
  • Broad wavelength range from 400nm to 1550nm
  • Very high LIDT (laser induced damage threshold)
  • Fiber sizes from 5um up to 3mm core
  • Reflectance of less than 0.5% over a 1000nm range (with lower specifications at specific wavelengths available on request)
  • Angle of Incidence of 0 to 60 degrees
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certification

RARe Motheye Fiber offers additional benefits for high power applications where input power typically degrades coated thin film surfaces. The anti-reflective structure is composed of the same underlying material as the fiber core and for that reason the damage threshold is twice that of anti-reflective thin film coatings.

High power and short pulse lengths are the future for lasers. Fiberguide’s RARe Motheye Fiber is a revolutionary product designed for key applications with these demanding needs in a variety of industries.

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Author: GlobalizeMe Dev