There is an increasing demand for high optical power delivery via optical fibers in applications such as laser machining and welding, tissue ablation, tattoo removal, and defense. Peak power levels delivered by fibers are rising from 10s of kilowatts to megawatts, and reflections from the fiber end face are a significant problem as they disrupt the light source and potentially cause damage to connectors and launch optics.

These reflections reduce the overall light transmitted through the system. They also have the potential to cause damage to the light source and elements around it. The unwanted reflections can be reduced by the use of anti-reflection (AR) coatings, which are made of various dielectric materials that are deposited in layers. Unfortunately, anti-reflective (AR) coatings have remained virtually unchanged since their inception. As power level and wavelength range requirements continue to increase, this aging technology struggles to keep up.

In this webinar, Fiberguide will discuss a novel technology that utilizes the fiber optics material itself to create anti-reflective nanostructures. This technique, known as RARe Motheye Fiber, offers greatly improved wavelength ranges and damage thresholds suitable for the increased demands of 21st century laser systems.

Over millions of years of evolution, moths and night insects developed eyes with anti-reflection properties to see better in the dark and to hide from predators. When examined with an SEM, these eyes reveal nano-structures smaller than the wavelength of light, with an ordered pattern. Fiberguide Industries developed the RARe Motheye process for optical fibers and end caps on optical fiber assemblies, a superior alternative to AR coatings. The presenters will offer examples of how the technology is being used in various industries.

The main presenter is Devinder Saini, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology for Fiberguide Industries. He is responsible for expanding the company’s customized offerings of optical fibers and assemblies by developing new products and technologies. The originator of RARe Motheye Fiber technology, Dr. Saini has over 30 years of experience with scientific product development. Devinder Saini is introduced by Mic Chaudoir, Ph.D., Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fiberguide Industries. In his role, Dr. Chaudoir is responsible for driving market expansion and new product development.

Engineers and technical professionals whose work involves application of lasers, optical sensors and/or thermal imaging in a wide range of fields including medical, industrial, materials processing, data communications, oil and gas, and aerospace and defense, should attend this presentation. At the conclusion of the webinar, a whitepaper entitled “High Damage Threshold Random Anti-Reflection (RAR) Nano Structures on Optical Fiber as Replacement for AR Coatings” by Devinder Saini will be distributed to participants.

The webinar, hosted by Photonics Media, will take place Thursday, January 18th at 1 pm EST. Register today by visiting


Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing