Fiberguide Industries, a leader in the specialty fiber optics industry, in conjunction with academic partner Boise State University has been awarded a $260,435 Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) grant to develop a broad band reflectometer.  Principal investigators are Dr. Devinder Saini of Fiberguide Industries and Dr Wan Kuang of Boise State University.  Dr. Saini currently serves as the VP of Technology for Fiberguide and has a long history in fiber optics and fiber optic sensor development.  Dr. Kuang is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boise State University with a research focus on nano-scale photonic devices, photonic bandgap material and electrodynamic numerical simulations.  The IGEM grants are an initiative from the Idaho Department of Commerce focused on commercializing promising technologies through industry-academic partnerships.  Fiberguide is one of only two companies awarded an IGEM grant this cycle; the program has awarded in excess of $450,000 so far, facilitating commercial projects that will benefit the state of Idaho.


The main assembly facility of Fiberguide Industries is located in Caldwell, Idaho (just outside of Boise).  Upon the successful completion of an expansion doubling their assembly area size, Fiberguide began development of the RARe Motheye fiber – Fiberguide Facility Expansion.  This IGEM grant will facilitate commercialization of the RARe Motheye fiber – RARe Motheye Fiber Announcement. This unique nanostructured optical fiber is an important new product that will continue to facilitate the growth of Fiberguide Industries.


Typical anti-reflective (AR) coatings are very narrow band and wavelength specific therefore require measurement at only a few wavelengths.   The RARe Motheye process creates anti-reflective surfaces that are broadband (typically over 100X wider than conventional AR coatings).  The IGEM grant will allow for development of a novel reflectometer facilitating measurements of the RARe Motheye’s AR properties over these very wide bands.   Commercial tools to accomplish this do not currently exist.  This novel reflectometer will not only facilitate measurement of RARe Motheye properties, but will also be useful in measuring other broadband photonic phenomena.


Fiberguide appreciates the support of this valuable program and looks forward to partnering more closely with local institutions like Boise State University.   More information about Fiberguide can be found on their website here. Also, Fiberguide can be found on all major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Make sure to follow Fiberguide on these channels to remain connected with the latest news, products and events surrounding the company. Fiberguide thanks you for your support!



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Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing