RARe Motheye Fiber™ will bring durability and improved performance to high power fiber optic applications

Stirling, N.J. (March 10, 2016) – Fiberguide Industries has been granted an exclusive license from TelAztec (Burlington, Mass.) to develop Motheye AR (Anti-Reflective) Nanostructures for use in fiber optic cable. Fiberguide’s new RARe Motheye Fiber™ will be ideal for high power delivery applications.

Motheye AR Nanostructures were originally discovered by the observation of nocturnal insects, such as moths. The compound eyes of these insects were found to reflect little or no light, regardless of the light’s angle of incidence. TelAztec used this observation to develop effective, randomized, AR nanostructures for use on glass substrates, which Fiberguide Industries will market under the tradename “RARe Motheye”™

Fiberguide, Motheye, Motheye AR Structure

RARe Motheye randomized nanostructures have been shown to be effective in creating anti-reflective surfaces of extreme durability and high efficiency when compared to non-randomized processes. Randomization of the nanostructure results in improved anti-reflective and power handling performance. Fiberguide Industries has acquired an exclusive license to develop TelAztec’s Motheye technology for use in Fiberguide RARe Motheye Fiber assemblies and arrays.

RARe Motheye coatings have damage thresholds that are far greater than AR coatings, close to that of silica fiber (3-7 times higher than standard AR coatings). The Random Anti-Reflection (RAR) surfaces also have very broad anti-reflection properties and operate over a large (~400 nm) wavelength range compared to the very narrow (~50 nm) operating range for conventional AR coatings.

Dr. Devinder Saini, Fiberguide’s Vice President of Technology, stated, “The use of anti-reflection coatings on fibers has become very important, but AR coatings have limitations in that they have a very narrow operating range as well as a low damage threshold. Random anti-reflection technology has the potential to overcome these limitations and revolutionize high power delivery via fibers.”

Fiberguide’s RARe Motheye Fiber products will be ideal for applications where high power delivery is important. Medical system, industrial laser, directed energy, digital cinema projection, data array transmission, and many other applications will benefit from RARe Motheye Fiber‘s low insertion loss and low return loss. RARe Motheye Fiber also offers superior ease of cleaning and robust damage thresholds, compared to conventional AR coatings.

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Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing