Stirling, N.J. (April 2, 2014) – Specialty optical fiber and assembly expert Fiberguide Industries has been chosen to supply medical use optical fibers to National Vein Technologies (Tampa, Fla.), a provider of vein surgical supplies. Fiberguide’s specialty optical fibers will be used in laser delivery equipment for general and vascular surgery.


Fiberguide was chosen to provide medical optical fibers for National Vein Technologies laser equipment for vascular surgery.
National Vein Technologies selected Fiberguide optical fibers because their design allows delivery of laser energy in a 1470nm wavelength, the new market standard. In addition, Fiberguide was able to provide the most reliable delivery of custom fibers.

Fiberguide Industries currently manufactures over 500 different specialty optical fibers to fit customers’ requirements. The company specializes in optical fibers used for photonics applications, power delivery, sensing, and data communications. Fiberguide also offers high performance coatings, allowing fibers to operate in harsh environments.

Author: Aaron Day