Stirling, N.J. (February 18, 2016) – Fiberguide Industries has been selected to build the fiber-optic array at the heart of the new GHOST (Gemini High-resolution Optical SpecTrograph) in the Gemini South telescope. Built for the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), who is leading the project, the array uses cutting-edge construction techniques and Fiberguide’s expertise in building high-quality, high-performance fiber optic subsystems is critical to the project’s success.  GHOST will provide two-object plus sky spectroscopy at full wavelength coverage from 363-950nm and resolutions from 50,000 to 75,000.


Fiberguide Industries

Gemini South with star-trails of the South Celestial Pole overhead.
Image used with permission from:Gemini Observatory/AURA/National Science Foundation

Each fiber will carry a fraction of the light coming from a stellar object to minimize losses due to atmospheric blurring. Parameters such as fiber optic pointing error and insertion loss are minimized by using proprietary Fiberguide construction techniques and the long history of Fiberguide’s experience building these types of arrays for astronomy, security and data communications. The new instrument will allow for the efficient scanning of the night sky.

“Fiberguide has been integral to AAO’s technology development for GHOST, a world-class instrument on one of the world’s largest and most successful telescopes, the Gemini telescope,” said project leader Andrew Sheinis. “Once delivered, GHOST will provide enhanced opportunities to understand the universe, including the discovery and study of extra-solar planets.”

The Gemini South telescope provides unparalleled access to the southern sky and continued opportunities for enhanced understanding of the universe.

Author: Kevin Rauscher

Fiberguide Marketing