Modules efficiently collimate a power light source into a defined degree beam

Stirling, N.J. (February 10, 2009) – Leading optical fiber manufacturer Fiberguide Industries has introduced a line of standard collimators and focus guides for use with a wide variety of optical systems.


Designed to collimate or focus light exiting an optical fiber to a desired beam diameter, the collimators can be used with laser diodes, photodiodes, acoustic-optic modulators and other fiber optic devices. Focus guides thread into the collimator, refocusing the beam at a given distance. Collimators and focus guides can be used as matched pairs to couple light in and out of optical devices.

The ruggedized modules are manufactured to accept SMA, ST, FC or machined ferrule style connectors. Assembled and preset to meet required specifications, all collimators and focus guides can be adjusted to provide the flexibility necessary for customers’ specified set ups.

Collimators are available in three sizes: the macro collimator for optical fiber core sizes larger than 800μm diameter, the mid-size collimator for sizes up to 800μm diameter, and the micro collimators for fibers up to 400μm diameter. Focus guides are available for the macro and mid-size collimators.

Author: Aaron Day