Hermetically sealed fibers ideal for operation in vacuum environments

Stirling, N.J. (November 30, 2012) – Fiberguide Industries’ aluminum coating provides added strength to optical fibers for applications requiring tight bends or resistance to harsh conditions. The fibers have proven ideal for use in medical handsets and instruments, semiconductor manufacturing and sensors.


Fiberguide Industries’ aluminum coated fiber provides high strength for tight bends and extreme temperatures.
Aluminum coating can be applied to a wide variety of step index, graded index and single mode fibers. The coating gives the optical fiber high strength (>10GPa bending) and a high stress corrosion coefficient (>100) for reliability in tight bends. Fibers are hermetically sealed for high vacuum applications, and can withstand operation in temperatures from -269°C to +400°C. Standard core diameters are available up to 440 µm, and lengths up to 4 km.

Author: Aaron Day