Fiberguide’s new line delivers up to 350W for material processing applications

Stirling, N.J. (September 29, 2011) – Fiberguide’s new line of high power mode stripping SMA cable assemblies provides a higher power alternative to traditional laser delivery cables for high power laser welding, marking, cutting and drilling equipment. The assemblies have also proven effective for use as diode laser pigtails in diode pumped solid state (DPSS) systems.


Most similar products are unable to operate above 150W (200µm core) without active water cooling. Fiberguide’s new line is designed to handle more power and survive at higher temperatures with a passive, air-cooled design. An integrated mode stripper dissipates up to 25W of power from the cladding, ensuring a clean output and boosting power handling capacities to 100W (100µm core), 250W (200µm core) or 350W (400µm core), depending on system conditions.

Assemblies have an epoxy free cantilevered nose design, which isolates the optical fiber from the ferrule to prevent thermal and contamination problems. Fiber tips are laser polished for maximum transmission. Cables contain all silica fiber and are available with 100µm, 200µm and 400µm cores for easy integration into existing systems.

Author: Aaron Day