New Product: De-Speckler

Fiberguideā€™s proprietary De-Speckler technology averages the modal noise within an optical fiber. This reduction in speckle is an ideal choice for fiber assemblies used in the Life Sciences, Digital Laser Projection, Interferometry, Laser Beam Homogenization, Lithography, and Metrology. For many fiber coupled applications, modal noise interferes with optimal performance. Fiberguide has developed a small and compact de-speckling system which maximizes performance and reliability.

Typical Applications

Life Sciences:

  • Bioanalytical Instrumentation


  • Flow Cytometry
  • Gene Sequencing
  • Fluorescent Microscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Spectroscopy

Digital Laser Projection


Laser Beam Homogenizers



Fiber De-Speckler Spec Sheet (PDF)

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