End Capped High Power Assemblies

Fiberguide’s end capped fiber optic assemblies allow the user to achieve higher coupled power into a fiber core by reducing the power density at the air/ silica interface, commonly the point of laser damage. End cap diameters and lengths are offered for select numerical apertures and fiber cores size, but can be easily customized for a variety of fiber types and specialized applications.

General Specifications:


  • Standard Fiber Type: Step Index Multimode Core Sizes, 50μm – 400μm Other fiber types (e.g., singlemode, graded index) available upon request.
  • Wavelengths: 190nm – 1250nm (High OH) / 300nm – 2400nm (low OH)
  • Standard Numerical Aperture: 0.20 or 0.22 Connector Options: High Power SMA, High Power FD-80
  • Sheathing Options: PVC Coated Stainless Steel Monocoil, Bare Stainless Steel Monocoil
  • Power Handling Capacity: Up to 3 kW, depending on fiber size and laser specifications
  • Standard Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F)

Features & Benefits

  • End capped assemblies allow for much higher transmitted powers by reducing the power density to a level below the damage threshold
  • Shaped endcap tips can be tailored to specific laser launch conditions and applications
  • Fiberguide’s proprietary laser polishing process minimizes surface imperfections, and maximizes power handling
  • High Power SMA and D-80 compatible connector options offer superior thermal management while minimizing connector stress for NA conservation
  • Epoxy free cantilevered nose design (available in select versions) minimize laser and heat damage to surrounding materials

End Capped High Power Assemblies Spec Sheet (PDF)

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