High Temperature Assemblies

Fiberguide’s High Temperature Assemblies use our high temperature metalized fiber and a combination of specialized assembly techniques to provide a solution for optical sensing in sealed high temperature environments. Many of our customers’ products, systems, or manufacturing processes require using a fiber optic cable assembly to allow the opto-electronic sensing components to be positioned remotely while maintaining a seal to keep contamination in or out. The data collected is often critical to the safety, operation, or efficiency of the end application.

Standard Specifications


  • Configurations: Single Fiber, Multifiber
  • Fiber Type: Any of our High Temperature Metalized Fiber
  • Hot End Connectors: Custom Machined Ferrules (Round, Square, Rectangular, Slit)
  • Cold End Connectors: Custom Machined Ferrules, SMA, FC, ST, etc.
  • Sealing: Sapphire windows available for sealing and protection
  • Sheathing Options: Stainless Steel Monocoil, Ruggedized Stainless Steel Braided Hose
  • Temperature Range: -269°C to +700°C / -452°F to +1292°F
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