Shaped Fiber Tip Assemblies

shaped_tip_GRP_withLogo Fiberguide offers standard configurations as well as custom designed Shaped Tip Fiber Assemblies for precise beam control. As the leader in fiber manufacturing, fiber optic assembly and optical design, Fiberguide Industries has the experience and technical expertise to design and manufacture fiber assemblies that provide optimum control over beam delivery or collection.

OCT Probes White Paper

Shaped Tip Fibers White Paper

Standard Specifications:

  • Fiber Type: Step Index Multimode
  • Core Sizes: 50μm, 100μm, 200μm, 300μm , 400μm, 600μm, 800μm, 1000μm
  • Wavelengths: High OH: UV – Vis: 190nm – 1250nm / Low OH: Vis – IR: 300nm – 2400nm
  • Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.12, 0.22, 0.26
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +350°C / -40°F to +662°F
  • Lengths: < 100 meters


  • Laser lithotripsy – Conical tip can concentrate beam energy
  • Diode Coupling – Chisel tip and angled tip can improve elliptical beam collection
  • Communications/ Pigtailing – Angled tip will reduce reflections
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy – Radiused tip or diffused tip can increase effective treatment area
  • Tissue perforation and ablation – Conical tip can perforate and decrease laser spot size
  • Laser Delivery and material processing – Ball tip reduces spot size to increase energy density
  • Enlarged Prostate Treatment – Angled tip enables side fire optical output for narrow access areas
  • Optical Sensing – Ball tip or radius tip can improve light collection
  • Surgical Illumination – Ball tip and conical tip can be used as a localized illumination source

Angled Tip

  • Side Fire
  • Reduced Back Reflection
  • Output Angle Control

Radiused Tip

  • Collimation
  • Decreased Divergence
  • Increased Light Collection
  • Diffusion

Ball Tip

  • Collimation
  • Increased light collection

Conical Tip

  • Small Spot Size
  • Increased Beam Divergence
  • Diffusion

Chisel Tip

  • Smaller Spot Size
  • Increased Beam Divergence
  • Elliptical Beam
  • Diffusion

Shaped Fiber Tip Assemblies Spec Sheet (PDF)

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