Shaped Fiber Tip Assemblies


Shaped Fiber Tip Assemblies provide optimum control over beam delivery and/or increased efficiency of light collection. Fiberguide offers standard configurations as well as custom designed Shaped Tip Fiber Assemblies. Fiberguide’s experienced engineering team, industry leading fiber processing techniques, and proprietary design software can help enable any custom solution.

Shaped Fiber Tips

OCT Probes White Paper

Shaped Tip Fibers White Paper


Typical Applications

Life Sciences:

  • Medical Lasers (Angled Tip, Radiused Tip, Conical Tip, Chisel Tip, Diffuser Tip)
  • Surgical Illumination (Radiused Tip, Conical Tip, Chisel Tip)

Diode Coupling (Angled Tip, Chisel Tip)

Optical Sensing (Ball Tip, Radiused Tip)

Laser Delivery for Material Processing (Ball Tip)

Communications/Pigtailing (Angled Tip)

Shaped Fiber Tip Assemblies Spec Sheet (PDF)

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