Square Core Fiber

Square core fibers present a unique opportunity to excel in specific applications over traditional circular core fibers with Gaussian outputs. They can produce uniform intensity, or top hat, profiles which is advantages to Gaussian outputs, more specifically when performing tasks with welding, photolithography and the processing of semiconductor wafers. Top hat profiles are key in the welding industry as the max intensity is spread over a wider diameter which does not occur in standard round core fibers. They also are ideal candidates to be used in the laser diode industry, as the output from the diode is typically non-circular and these fibers improve traditional coupling.

At this time these fibers can be drawn with core diameters ranging from 100 to 1000 µm as measured in the flat to flat dimension. The fibers can also be drawn with acrylate and Nylon coatings and as the product line matures other jacketing options may become available based on demands.


  • Astronomical spectroscopy
  • Tight packed bundles
  • Non-circular diode beam coupling
  • Laser materials processing


  • Homogenized output distribution
  • Top hat beam profile
  • Greater capture area than round fibers for square inputs
  • Broad application wavelengths :
    • 190nm to 1250nm (High OH)
    • 300nm to 2400nm (Low OH)
  • Various jacketing options
    • Acrylate
    • Nylon
    • Polyimide

Square Core Fiber Datasheet (PDF)

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