Fiberguide Industries Products on Amazon

Our product selection on Amazon allows our customers to easily purchase our specialty optical fiber and assembled products (vacuum feedthroughs, collimators and focus guides, single fiber assemblies, and high power assemblies) for proof of concept work and low volume production orders.

Buy Fiber Products on Amazon

OEM Pricing is available for higher volume orders on all products. Also, Fiberguide can customize any of our products for custom OEM applications, please contact us for details.

About Us: Founded in 1977, Fiberguide Industries, Inc., a Halma company, is a leading supplier of specialty optical fiber and optical fiber assemblies with sales in over 30 countries. Fiberguide’s mission is to provide customers innovative solutions enabling the advancement of technology and the improvement of safety and health worldwide. Fiberguide’s optical fibers and assembled products allow our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers to create photonics solutions in many industries.